Artists of Costa Rica

The work that is presented on this on-line exhibit is created by Costa Rican artists. Their work will be displayed here in a permanent exhibit. The spirit of this show is to allow the artist to reach the viewer directly, with no intermediaries. We hope that this medium will be the catalyst to create direct contact.

Other art resources to link (some in Spanish):

From the Costa Rican Museum of Contemporary Art and Design:


Art Events

de ultimo y bajo el titulo Art Events


Angel Lara: sculptures, through Dec. 16 , Joaquín García Monge Gallery. Av 2 ca. 3, 2215103

Art Exhibit: by Narice Tichenor, Dina Lawson, Víctor Chavarría , Víctor López and Michael Cranford, to benefit Corcovado Conservatory, Café de Artistas, San Rafael de Escazú, 2286045.

Art Quilts: Community- based hand. stitched quilts , Octágono Gallery San Rafael, Heredia , 2676325.

Exhibit “Yo soy el surrealismo”: by central American Artist, Spanish Cultural Center, Av 13 call 31, 2572919.

Fabio Herrera: Serigraphies, Natinal Gallery, Children´s Museum, 2584929.

Fernando Carballo: Seruigraphies, Pueblarte Gallery, cartago, 5521276

Hernán Cruz: Paintings, Hernán Cruz Gallery, 2538933

Jonathan Chavez Quesada: Engraving, Teatro 1887, Cenac, 4462076, 2773397

José Manuel Zamora: stone sculptures, in front of  Main Catholic Church, Heredia.

José Santiago Mora Jiménez: Acrylics, “Archivos de Mujer”, through December, casa Arte, 2899549.

Juan Manuel Sánchez: Drawimg, through Jan.  2005, Costa Rican Art Museum, esta Sabana Park, 2227155.

Leonel Gonzáles and Guillermo Porras: Engravings, Galería 11-12, Barrio Escalante, 2808441, 2240238.

Margarita Gómez: Watercolors, through Dec.9, Galería Grau, Guadalupe Shopping Center.

Max Jiménez: Drawings, through Jan 24, Museum of Sounds, Form and Spaces, former train station to the Atlantic.

“La Mirada del Tiempo” : Photo History 1848-2003, Gold Museum, underneath Plaza de la Cultura.

Nina Surel: Collage, acrylics, through first week of February, Grimberg, Dumani and Seidner Gallery, Multicentro Paco, Escazú, 3804134

Photography Show:  Exhibiting the history of Casa Italia, Los Yoses , 2250543, 2246049

Rosella Matamoros: Drawings, through Dec. 17, José Luis López Escarré Gallery, inside the National Theater, 2213756

New Permanent Script: Esteban Calvo, Adriana Collado, María José Monge, Gabriela Saénz , Costa Rican Art Museum.

Patricia Erickson: Gallery at home. Storytelling, paintings, Caribbean Themes, Río Blanco, road to Guápiles, 7101958

Paulina Ortiz: Paintings, through Jan. 2005, Calderón Guardia Museum, Barrio Escalante, 2726432

Photography Exhibit of Costa Rica 1880 – 1930: Including a scale model of San José, clothing, and 150 photos , through Dec, National Museum, Av. 2, Ca. 3/5, 2571433.

Pre – Columbian Seals: Year – long – exhibit, Gold Museum, underneath Plaza de la Cultura, Av. Ctrl/ 2, Ca. 5/7 , 2434214.

Rafa Fernández: Painting, Galería Kandinsky, Centro Comercial  Playa Real, San Pedro.

Sergio Pucci: Photography, National Gallery, Children´s Museum.

Sylvia Laks: Stained glass, Stained Glass Gallery, San Rafael, Heredia, 2676350

Trilogy: Joan Martha , Dierdre Hyde, Carmel Montoya, Calderón Guardia Museum, Barrio Escalante, 2226392.

Vitrales y Mosaicos Show: Alliance Francaise, Av.7 , Ca.5.

Wilson McCray: Paintings, through Jan.5, Galería Alternativa, Condominio Industrial de Pavas, 2328500.

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20 sailing yachts left Le Havre, France on Nov 8 with Puerto Limon, Costa Rica as their destination in the ninth edition of this cross Atlantic race.

Costa Rica's potential to produce green energy and it's policies on sustainabality have brought it to the center of attention of renewable energy companies around the world.

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