Costa Rica's High Season and Green Season

Costa Rica has two season - the Green Season and the High Season.

Green Season: May - October

High Season: November - April

High Season


The high season is the equivalent of Summer in Costa Rica. It still rains in certain areas (and in others hardly at all such as in Guanacaste). The temperatures in San Jose are cooler and people pull out their sweaters. Most tourists from outside of the country come to Costa Rica during this period because to escape their winters.

In Costa Rica schools are out for the 'long vacation' so it is a peak season for locals also. This makes for a busy tourism season so it is smart to reserve for Christmas, New Year's and Easter dates well ahead of time.

Green Season


In general it rains a lot more in the Green Season than in the High Season. This season is called the green season because the rain makes everything much greener. It is a great time to visit Guanacaste and drier areas because of this. This is also the peak surfer season as the waves are at their best.

During the day it is hot and sunny and you will typically have afternoon showers. There is an Indian Summer in June.

Sometimes the Niña o 'El Niño' affect Costa Rica and make for a drier green season  - this has happened several times since the 90s.

Sea turtles come to nest during this period of time so some have come to call it 'Turtle Season'. The sight of leatherbacks and other species coming on land and laying their eggs is awe inspiring and is a must-see.

The Caribbean


Curiously, on the Caribbean coast the weather does not follow the pattern of the rest of Costa Rica. The 'Summer' is in October which is when the locals hold the carnival in Limon. This is a perfect time to visit this beautiful part of Costa Rica where Cahuita, Puerto Jimenez, Manzanillo and Gandoca await you.

Latest News

20 sailing yachts left Le Havre, France on Nov 8 with Puerto Limon, Costa Rica as their destination in the ninth edition of this cross Atlantic race.

Costa Rica's potential to produce green energy and it's policies on sustainabality have brought it to the center of attention of renewable energy companies around the world.

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