The North Pacific region is often referred to as Guanacaste since the province makes up most of the area. Guanacaste is bordered by two different mountain ranges: Cordillera de Tilarán and Cordillera de Guanacaste. This provides for stunning scenery and rich ecosystems. Over all, the region is packed with amazing flora and fauna, excellent beaches, and plenty of adventure activities. The region is a wonderful place to visit year around, as both seasons provide significant advantages. The dry season is absolutely delightful to sun lovers who can spend hours soaking up the sun. Of course, during the wet season, the extra rain allows the trees and flowers to blossom. The hills are carpeted with luscious greens and the air is filled with exotic fragrances.

Although the Guanacaste beaches are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and surfing, there is more to the region than just the ocean. Travelers should know that the area is also famous for its cattle ranches. It is possible to see many homes, often generations old, surrounded by cows grazing in green pastures. Also, for a once in a lifetime experience, travelers should visit Playa Ostional between July and December to watch the turtles make their way up the beach.

In Liberia, the capital of the Guanacaste province, there is an International Airport, which makes it easy for travelers to reach this destination.


More popular beaches

  • Naranjo
  • Grande
  • Tamarindo
  • Langosta
  • Negra
  • Nosara
  • Hermosa
  • El Coco
  • Conchal
  • Ocotal
  • Langosta
  • Ostional
  • Flamingo
  • Pan de Azucar
  • Potrero
  • Bahia Salinas
  • Panama

Less known beaches

  • La Penca
  • Brasilito
  • Avellanas
  • Junquillal
  • Lagarto
  • Pelada
  • Guiones
  • Garza
  • Sara
  • Carrillo
  • Bejuco
  • San Miguel
  • Cayote
  • Arbolito
  • Santa Teresa

National Parks

  • Barra Honda National Park
  • Guanacaste National Park
  • Isla Guayabo Biological Reserve/Islas Negritos/Isla de los Pajaros
  • Las Baulas de Guanacaste National Park
  • Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve
  • Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Preserve
  • Palo Verde National Park
  • Rincón de la Vieja National Park
  • Santa Elena Forest Reserve
  • Santa Rosa National Park


  • Guaria Morada
  • Bromelaids
  • Orchids
  • Black Mangrove


Over 250 bird specias have been observed in the North Pacific region as well as vast numbers of insects, mammals, and reptiles.  Since it would be impossible to list them all, the following should suffice as an overview of some of the interesting ones:

  • Birds: calandra, pavón, linnet, montezuma oropendula, swallow, tucán, red widow, hummingbird, ropopo, white front parrot, guaco, quetzal, white-throated magpie-jays, orange-fronted parakeets, roadside hawks, cattle egrets, roseate spoonbills, wood storks, anhingas, great egrets, black-crowned night-herons, long-tailed manakin, turquoise-browed motmot, stub-tailed spadebill, olive sparrow, black-headed trogon.

  • Mammals: wild goat, saíno, guatusa, tolomuco, armadillo, two fingered sloth, bear, white face monkey, howler monkey, jaguar, ocelot, tapris, mountain lion, white-tailed deer, white nosed coati.

  • Insects: 4 species of Morfo butterflies, leaf cutter ants, 240 species of bees.

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