AMBIO FOUNDATION has been providing new guiding instruments with a different conception of the relationship between human being and nature. Its goal is to aid in the solution of environmental problems. Our goal is to develop environmental harmonization, and strengthen the basis for the protection of the country's biodiversity through a sustainable development scheme. Our organization has been the facilitator for the necessary environmental harmonization through forums for the discussion of environmental topics, and especially, through the creation of new interpretations of the judicial problems in existence.

Our work is addressed to the private sector (e.g. industries), decision making politicians, public administration and judges involved in environmental conflicts and certain segments of the citizenry involved in environmental issues (e.g. consumer associations).


The Foundation has implemented several working programs. Some of these are:

  • Legal Environmental Advisory Center: this center is composed of two sections. The first section is a law clinic which works with environmental complains. The objective is to aid the population in the use of the juridical mechanisms provided by our legal system for the protection of their right to a healthy environment. The second section consists of a legal counseling center for decision making authorities and civil society, in order to improve environmental legislation and politics. In this connection, AMBIO executes consultanships for the drafting and reform of legislation and policies.

  • Certification programs:AMBIO Foundation, together with - U.S. Rainforest Alliance, developed two certification programs in order to use market incentives to reduce the environmental impacts of commercial agriculture. These programs are:

    • ECO-OK certification project: This ecolabeling project provides market incentives to banana growers to improve production and management practices, making banana plantations, packing house and worker housing more environmentally friendly

    • Smartwood certification program: This project grants eco-labels for sustainable production of wood.

A certification scheme for orange production is being developed. All these projects involve the work of qualified personnel, such as biologists and geologists.


AMBIO considers that the legislative and policy alternatives should be developed in an open manner through public discussion by all concerned parties. Therefore, we ensure that the research results are gathered and transmitted to the public. Consequently, the research results are gathered and communicated widely through publications, journals, conferences, workshops, seminars and media.AMBIO has published more than twelve books in environmental topics and several bulletins.


AMBIO Foundation is an independent research organization. is self-reliant and raises funds to finance its research and to maintain an efficient administration. Your donation to is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

Board of Directors

Mario Carazo, lawyer and deputy to the Congress
Silvia Rodriguez, Doctor in rural sociology, University of Wisconsin
Eduardo Scorza, Master in mechanical engineering, Cornell University
Roxana Salazar, Master in environmental law, Cornell University


Marcela Ramirez, lawyer, University of Costa Rica
Jorge Cabrera, lawyer, Specialist in commercial law and environmental law, University of Costa Rica
Alejandra Aguilar, Marco Guevara and Max Valverde, advanced law students, University of Costa Rica

Research Associates

Rodolfo Saborio, Doctor in administrative law, University Sorbona
Julio Jurado, Doctor in Human Rights, University Complutense

Ambio Foundation
P.O. Box 1487-1002
San José, Costa Rica
Tel.: +(506) 257-4694
Fax: +(506) 295-1985

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