The Foundation for Housing Promotion (FUPROVI)

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The Foundation for Housing Promotion (FUPROVI), is a private, nonprofit development organization. Since its foundation in 1987, it has supported low-income families in their efforts to improve their living conditions in order to achieve a more equitable and democratic society.

How do we work?

FUPROVI`S methodology is based on the organization and participation of the target population in the design and implementation of projects. The aim is to transfer new abilities and to empower low-income families in the identification and solution of their housing and communal problems. This will help them to face the challenges of the future.

As far as other institutions are concerned, FUPROVI offers technical assistance and carries out training activities based on the experience accumulated through out the implementation of this programs.

Whom offer our programs?

FUPROVI's areas of work focalize on low-income housing, community development, income generation, sustainable development and institutional building.



Through the methodology of assisted mutual aid and self-help the program offers:

Credits in buildings materials for infrastructure, service and community improvements works.
Credits in building materials for new houses and housing improvement.
Credits for legatization of land tenure.
Advisor, training and technical assistance the following areas: social organization, in building methods, management, financial and legal aspects.


This program is guides towards families working within the informal sector in commercial activities and the production of goods and services. The program will support the raising of the income level of the families involved. Credits are given to Community Banks, Solidarity Groups and Individual Microenterprises. The program is developed in stages trough which the beneficiaries access to successive credits that will allow them to achieve a level of sustained growth in their economic activities.


This program aims to systematize FUPROVI's experience, in its various programs and in its administrative-financial model. Training activities are oriented towards communities, and governmental and non-governmental organizations, both national and international.

FUPROVI, in order to considerate its works and institutional building, offers course in the following aspects:

  • Training to trainer

  • Preparing of help from the training

  • Groups dynamic

  • Participate Leadership

  • Social organization in development process

  • Management and planning of training tasks

  • Community warehouse management

FUPROVI is currently the sub-regional headquarters for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean, of Latin American Program of Institutional Development Training for Non-Governmental Organizations (FICONG), whose training tasks are focused on topics related to the design, implementation and evaluation of projects and institutional development.


Since 1987, FUPROVI's various programs have benefited more than 6,000 low-income families in over 40 settlements located in different cities of Costa Rica.

It has also offered technical advise and training to Costa Rica and Central American institutions in self-help housing projects based in its methodology and experience.

For more information, please contact:

Institutional and general aspects:

Eng. Elo�sa Ulibarri P. Executive Director
Eng. Mario A. Navarro G. Executive Director, Assistant
MBA. Mario Rodr�guez V. Administrative and Financial Director

Low-income Housing Program

MBA Carlos Rojas M. Housing Director
Eng. Minor Rodr�guez R. Construction and Social Area, Head
Eng. Santiago Jim�nez Ch.Individual Case Program, Head

Income Generation Program:

Lic. Dagoberto Vargas C. Program Coordinator

Institutional Development and Training Program

Lic. Carmen Gonz�lez A. Development and Assistance
Mr. Marco V. Blotta Z. Training, Head,

100 metros norte y 400 este de la Iglesia de Moravia, San José, Costa Rica.
FUPROVI 1231-1002 San José, Costa Rica.
Telephone: (506) 240-3955 / 240-3733
Fax: (506) 236-5178

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