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How nature can benefit children and adults and what new studies are saying is the cause of Nature-Deficit Disorder. A visit to Costa Rica can be more than a vacation it can be a healthy benefit to your own awareness and your children's awareness to the environment. Click Here


Corcovado Foundation is dedicated to preserving the rich flora and fauna of Costa Rica's Southern Pacific coastal area. This region has tropical rainforest jungle and many different endangered varieties of animals live there. Help protect this natural treasure learn how Click here


20 sailing yachts left Le Havre, France on Nov 8 with Puerto Limon, Costa Rica as their destination in the ninth edition of this cross Atlantic race.

Costa Rica's potential to produce green energy and it's policies on sustainabality have brought it to the center of attention of renewable energy companies around the world.

Medical treatment in Costa Rica is of the highest quality yet the price is much lower than in the United States. Because of this an increasing number of patients have been visiting Costa Rica.

Despite Costa Rica's small size (even including it's territorial waters) a recent study cataloged more than 6,777 species. That represents about 3.5% of the world's known marine species.

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Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica - Cosmetic Dentistry Costa Rica - Ophthalmology - Spas and Thermal Water Treatments - Spa Adventures for Families.

Costa Rica is well known for providing world-class healthcare and beauty services. The professional and very experienced medical professoinals are complemented by and exceptional vacation relaxation experience. Aftercare facilities are available that cater specifically to outpatients.Read More